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Sneak Peek

Early Fetal DNA Test

Harbor Community Birth is now offering

Sneak Peek Clinical DNA Based Early Fetal Sex Predictor Test  


Discount pricing available for current midwifery clients.

How does it work (briefly)?

Sneak Peak uses Cell-Free DNA technology which finds fetal DNA in maternal blood.  You may remember from 4th grade science that human sex chromosomes are X and Y.  XX is female and XY is male.  This test searches the maternal blood for Y chromosomes.  If Y is found the it is nearly certain that the fetus has XY chromosomes.  This is the same technology that is used to screen for other chromosomal abnormalities of the fetus (such as trisomy 21 also known as Downs Syndrome).  Sneak Peek only looks at sex chromosomes if you are interested in other testing, ask your care provider.

How soon can I have this test?

This is an early test which can be done as early as 7 or 8 weeks in most cases.  Because there needs to be a specific level of fetal DNA in the maternal blood sample to get an accurate result, it is possible that if done very early the test may need to be redone.  The results are emailed directly to you (or whomever you appoint to get the email) in about 1-2 days depending on shipping times.

How accurate is the test?

Because this test is only looking for Y chromosomes it is 99.9% accurate.  Which is pretty darn close to 100%!  As mentioned above, occasionally there may not be enough fetal DNA in a sample for an accurate test.  In those cases Sneak Peek offers a free retest. 


As with any chromosome there can sometimes be an abnormality of the sex chromosomes.  This test is only looking for Y chromosomes, so if there were an  additional sex chromosome or one was missing it wouldn't show in this test.  Additionally, about 1 in 15,000 people who are born with XY chromosomes express female genitalia and sexual traits.  This is often due to a coding error someplace in the DNA which prevents hormones from being made or being functional within the body.  Sex chromosomes are actually not always as simple as we learned in 4th grade!

Does this test tell me the gender of my baby?

Not exactly. This test tells you if your baby has a Y chromosome, and the sex of your baby (see above).  Gender encompasses most of the non-biological aspects of being male or female (or non-binary) within a given culture. This includes cultural expectations of how we dress, parent, walk, socialize, and talk.  It includes how we cut our hair, how much we speak in a group, and how we sit on the bus.  Gender is different than sex.  It is a social construct which is made clear when we look at gender across cultures.

You sound really passionate about gender. What are you the gender police?

Maybe. ;)

How do I schedule an appointment?

Call or email me directly to schedule. or 206-778-2347 (leave a message).  I can usually schedule you an appointment the same week.  My office is in Hoquiam at 2619 Cherry St.  If you can not make it into the office I can also do a home visit for a small additional fee.  

What if I'm not your patient and I am not planning to be?

That is fine!  You don't have to be my patient or even be interested in homebirth or midwifery to see me for this test.  I can still probably get you in right away.  My current patients do get a discount if they choose this test.

How do I pay?

Payment is required at the time of the test appointment. I accept cash or money order.  I can also accept most forms of digital payment (Venmo, Cash App, Facebook etc.)  Insurance does not cover this test.

What if I have more questions?

Please feel free to email me any questions.  I'm happy to answer them.

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