What steps are being taken to prevent the spread of Covid-19 at Harbor Community Birth?

Telehealth Appointments - To help reduce exposures, any visit that can be done remotely will be until further notice.  These visits are conducted on Doxy.me, a secure platform designed for telehealth care.

In-Person Appointments - When necessary, in-person visits will be short and efficient.  If possible the majority of the visit will take place through telehealth and only the physical exam will take place in person.

Disinfecting - Measures to disinfect surfaces and equipment in the office have been increased.  In addition, heightened protocols have been developed to disinfect at homebirths.  This includes cleaning the outside of all containers brought into or out of your home, use of masks and gloves for all client care, and maintaining physical distance as much as possible during your birth.

Exclusion - At this time clients who have symptoms or known exposure to Covid-19 will be referred to the hospital for birth.  

Hand Hygiene